Feb 27 2017

Why Your Salesman Should Be Your Contractor

Many roofing companies send out a salesman or an “estimator” to give a quote on the roofing repair or new roof installation. However, this can lead to problems in several different areas. Oftentimes, there is a lack of effective communication between the estimator and the actual contractor who does the work. The estimator may also be less experienced. This can lead to the estimator (or “sales person” as some roofing companies call this role) giving an owner an inaccurate estimate.

I firmly believe that the person who estimates your roof repair or new roof installation should be the same person who is doing the work. At Kamine Home Improvement, I personally estimate all the jobs. I am also the same guy who is actually doing the install and supervising any assistants who may contribute to the job. This leads to accurate estimates and quality workmanship.

When you book a roofer, does he hand off the job? Have the person who estimates the roof job actually complete the roof job—this leads to better work.

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